Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The End

In light of recent events my time with online poker is over for now. There is too much uncertainty at this time for me to try and move my bankroll over to Merge, Cake or any other sites still offering play to USA players. Maybe I'll be back when the dust settles and new online poker friendly legislation comes around.

Until then, take care and good luck!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reboot 2.0!

I'm back to playing online poker again! Times have changed for me and so has my plan of attack. Will I stay committed this time? I sure hope so.

More details soon.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Plan of Attack for July 2010

Last month was all about changing my game over to MTTSNG's and putting in some decent volume. Things progressed well but I ended up taking some bumps in the $2 180-man's which I will consider a learning experience.

For the month of July I'm going to crank up the volume a bit more. My goal is to put in 800 MTTSNG's this month. My current bankroll is $188.62 so I will be playing $1 buy-ins until my bankroll exceeds $440; which should hopefully happen by the end of the month if I put in my goal volume and the cards even out.

I also need to begin to review my past tough hand histories on a daily basis. The training site that I signed up for (review coming) offers quite a bit more than I'm currently utilizing, so I also need to find time to take full advantage of all the services available to members.

'nuff talk.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Reflecting on June 2010: Tale of Two Graphs

June 2010 is in the books and I was able to accomplish my goal of 500 MTTSNG's for the month. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm have some issues with HEM recording all of my tourneys properly, so I'm relying on Sharkscope for numbers at this point.

I started grinding some $6.50 9-man turbos at the beginning of the month before making the shift to MTTSNG's and setting my goal of 500, so overall for the month I play 629 tournaments. Specifically regarding MTTSNG's, I played 554 tournaments with an overall slight loss. I stayed exclusively in the micro-stake buy-ins but my results are quite polar when I compare my $1.10 results to my $2.20 results as shown in the below graphs ...

$1 graph

Trending upward, profitable and decent sample size of primarily 45-man and 90-man tourneys.

$2 graph

My $2 graph is the total opposite of my $1 graph.

Effectively the two graphs cancel each other out, so I ended up just about even for the month after 554 MTTSNG's. I've learned quite a bit from my play and from the training site I've signed up for. I will put up a review soon enough, but in the mean time I'll grind the MTTSNG's, review my hand histories, and continue to learn.

Finally here are my overall results for the month of June 2010. It includes 18+ man SNG's of all stakes including some schedules MTT's ...

Overall Results for July 2010

The large drop in profit began to occur when I started mixing in $2.20 180-man SNG's. In July, I won't be playing the $2.20's until my bankroll is at $440 which if things go as anticipated won't be possible until the end of the month. Currently my bankroll is $188.62 and I'll be working up my goals for July 2010 in my next post.